My Q & A with Chef Pete Evans

As a Naturopath & Nutritionist, it is an exciting time to be a part of the health and wellness industry.  Role models like Chef Pete Evans, are leading the way to educate, influence and create a health movement, where a nutritious diet is top of the list.

I applaud Pete for standing up (against his misinformed critics) and use his love for cooking and health to encourage the use of traditional wholefoods through a Paleo inspired diet. Pete has also been making (Paleo) waves, with his latest hit TV series, The Paleo Way, featuring many mouth watering, healthy dishes and including informative interviews with professors, health practitioners and farmers. 

Pete is on a mission to spread his love of the Paleo lifestyle, and the numerous health benefits associated with reigniting our ancestral ways of eating.

Heres my chat with Pete…

What have been the improvements you have seen personally and for your family, after adopting a Paleo diet?

Living this way has helped me find my life’s purpose. As a chef with a 25-year career, I used to choose my ingredients based on how tasty it would make my dishes. Having always been very interested in health and wellness, I was still driven to find the very best quality ingredients but now I am much more selective about the ingredients that I choose to cook with.

That’s because every day I’m wanting to make healthy choices and to use the food I eat as my medicine to fuel my body and mind. I went grain-free, wheat-free and dairy-free for three months and immediately noticed a huge increase in my energy levels and stamina. My digestion improved and I was able to focus better for longer periods. Over time, I became more confident and today I have boundless energy to focus on the goals I really want to achieve. Plus, I’ve met some of the most influential and inspirational people on the planet whose scientific research around the future of nutrition backs up the potency adopting a Paleo diet can have on your overall health and wellness.

Take us through your typical morning routine, including drinks, food, movement and any other typical regimens.

I usually rise around 5am, just before sunrise and one of my favourite things to do is to get out into the water for a surf. If the break isn’t right, I’ll often head for any early morning work-out in the garage before heading inside for breakfast with Nic and the girls. These days our breakfast usually consists of leftovers with some fermented veg or bone broth for real nutritional boost. Once I’ve eaten, I usually go about planning my working day, which can be a real mix of activities from filming to writing to creating new recipes in the kitchen.

What has been your biggest hurdle in adopting a Paleo based diet? How have you overcome this?

The biggest hurdle for me was the initial moment I decided to shift my mind-set and move away from the eating traditions that had been with me since childhood, such as having cereal or toast for breakfast. Once I shifted my mind-set and applied myself, it was easy.  To be really honest, I felt much better almost immediately and, over time, the confidence I gained as a result of following The Paleo Way meant any hurdles simply vanished. There was as no need to “resist” other foods because I simply no longer want to put anything in my body that doesn’t optimise my health and well being. That’s why I found it easy to cut out refined sugars, carbohydrates, dairy, grains and wheat. And once I started to learn the solid science behind it, I became driven to make sure that every day, with every forkful of food I put in my mouth, that I’m eating for longevity and to achieve the best health and wellness I possibly can.

What tips do you have to naturally reduce sweet cravings?

Keep your blood sugar levels as balanced as possible by eating a mix of high value protein, good quality saturated fats (the kind found in avocados, olives and coconut oil) and lots of vegetables with little or no sugar content. Limit the amount of fruit you eat and if you do eat fruit opt for low sugar options such as avocados and kiwifruit.

What health care practitioners do you see alongside the Paleo diet and lifestyle, to maintain optimal health and happiness? Any particular tests you have had performed that were particularly helpful? 

I was put onto a series of tests offered by Cyrex Labs through Nora Gedgaudas because of the wide-ranging and accurate results they get. More info on Cyrex Labs and the field of immunology can be found at and it’s exciting to know they are arriving in Australia this year. What’s great about Cyrex Labs tests is that they are very comprehensive and extremely accurate, especially when it comes to testing for gluten and dairy sensitivities as well as for leaky gut, other major common food sensitivities and gluten cross-reactors. Cyrex Labs tests are also able to pinpoint to within one to two standard deviations in sensitivity, making the results very accurate, which arms you with the information you need to make the decisions that are best for your health. In order to make contact with them, you will need to talk with your licensed health care provider.

Thanks Pete 🙂

All the details for Pete’s upcoming The Paleo Way Australian Tour, can be found here.

Do you follow a Paleo approach to eating? I’d love to hear your positive health experiences, in the comments below.

Love, health & happiness,


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  1. Luke

    January 8, 2015 at 11:38 am

    Hi Kasey,

    Another great interview. I have been following a combination of pete’s new book and your 21 day detox (again) since the start of January, and I must say, as you always tell me – my energy levels and focus have been much better, I’m getting lots more done with less distractions! You’d think with all the work we’d done together I’d be better at this but hey… progress, not perfection!


    • Kasey Willson

      January 8, 2015 at 12:21 pm

      Awesome to hear Luke!
      Yes, I completely agree, the smallest step in the right direction can end up being the biggest step of your life! Make and appreciate your mistakes and enjoy the learning experience throughout your health journey 🙂
      ps. You’ll love the Garlic Fish With Toasted Kale, in the Summer Detox!


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