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Monday Motivator: Kale Brock

He might be a  young surfer kid, but 23 year old Kale Brock has been fortunate to work alongside health gurus such as David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis and has some incredible world wide travel experiences under his belt.

As a health educator, Kale supports others to better health through his very own Fermented Foods book, running regular fermented foods workshops and managing his health food business,  Nice Life.

Kale’s passion for health shines through in his work. He helps create positive changes in others lives with an enthusiastic attitude and fun outlook. I’m certainly excited to see what further health and happiness projects he has planned!

Meet  Kale…

Have you always been healthy and happy? Share your journey, which has landed you in the health industry…

When I look back at my childhood (which wasn’t that long ago) I think I had a pretty healthy upbringing. I consider myself so lucky to have been brought up mostly outdoors and in an environment that was conducive to creative thought, independence and love. I think we were very healthy in that kind of way, but in a food sense I guess we could have done better – but we certainly weren’t bad.

Health didn’t really rear its head for me until I was about 15 or 16 when I was diagnosed with a serious heart condition called SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia). Basically this condition would have me experiencing intense arrhythmia of the heart to the point where I would almost faint. Many times this happened out in the ocean while I was surfing so obviously this was quite a dangerous condition for me to have.

Like most people would do, and understandably so, I went to a doctor who diagnosed me. He said the only way I could potentially fix the condition was to undergo a procedure called an ‘ablation’, which is where they cut you open, enter your heart and permanently burn away and destroy a piece of the heart (the Sinoatrial node). This was, somehow, meant to fix the electrical issue in my heart.

To cut a long story short, I declined to have the surgery. I met some key mentors in the area of health and fixed the condition naturally. I have studied health and wellness since and have found that the same principles which helped fix my ticker also help a wide variety of other health issues, and can be applied for prevention of illness as well.

Tell us about how you contribute to the health and happiness of others and/or our environment? 

Basically, I am an educator. And I love it. I love prancing around on stage in front of a group of people talking about food and giving them some new perspectives on how it relates to us as human beings. I love talking about life and personal development. I love keeping everything light-hearted and fun but I also get pretty serious and fired up about certain topics.

What I try to emphasize in all my seminars, classes, blogs, e-books, interviews etc etc is how easy it is for us to get healthy and stay healthy, and that you don’t have to be some spacey weird health guru who’s super into yoga (not that that’s a bad thing) to be attain wellbeing. I’m just a normal guy; surfing is my life, I love hanging out with friends and family, and I’m lucky enough to run a successful online business from home (Nice Life), my point is all these things in my life are made better, more enjoyable or successful when I’m healthy. It’s a good tool to have in your life.

You see in society we’ve developed this perception that ‘normal’ is eating crap food and generally not looking after yourself or being connected to food and that only ‘those weirdos’ are the people who are into health. Things are definitely changing, though, and it’s becoming cooler to be healthy now which is awesome, but I still think that we haven’t quite got there yet. People still don’t realise that we can actually live with abundant health and be free of disease (no matter what our genetics) for the majority of our lives. Our ‘normal’ state is actually a state of ultimate wellbeing and happiness and all these things going on, like disease and mental ‘illness’ and so forth, are actually symptoms of imbalance within ourselves.

Simply put, my role in this industry is merely to inspire people to become completely independent with their health, to take control of their lives and achieve all the things that they desire and, hopefully, on-teach the information to others. That’s how we can change the world; one person, one family, one household at a time.

What do you believe is most important to nourish the body for optimal health and happiness? 

I like to think of health as a blank canvas every day. Each and everyday one needs to paint all sorts of pretty colours over the canvas to create something epic; to maintain abundant health.

It’s hard to pinpoint the most important aspect of health because I think it differs between individuals. For instance with me, I find its my mental state which most affects my health so you could say that is most important for me. Whereas with other people they might find that their diet makes up a more important colour on the canvas, if you will.

But if I were to put it down in one sentence, I would say the most important thing we can do for our health and happiness is to go back to basics. By going back to basics I mean basics with food but also basics with lifestyle. Let’s break that down, though.

I always think of the healthiest communities in the world and what they’re eating (or what they used to eat); that’s what I use as a baseline for what is considered ‘basic’ and ‘healthy’. For instance, I think of the widely cited Hunza tribes of northern Pakistan or even better (because we’re in Australia) the original Indigenous Australians; what did they eat? How did they live?

If you look at Weston A Price’s work you’ll find that the two cultures I’ve just mentioned were some of the healthiest human beings ever found on earth when living traditionally.

They ate in season fruit, wild meats, nuts, roots, herbs, vegetables and they consumed fermented foods. They drank spring water mostly, and their food was highly mineralised. They were barefoot most of the time, they lived an active lifestyle and enjoyed plenty of sunlight, and they maintained meaningful relationships throughout their communities.

Now, before you jump up and protest, I’m not asking you to forsake the table, chairs, knives and forks for bloody fingers, a kangaroo steak and a squat position, I’m only interested in ‘re-approximating’ this lifestyle so that it remains applicable in this modern age. What does that mean? It means we eat in season foods (like the aforementioned) in healthy ratios and in sensible combinations, we exercise naturally and we drink real water. On top of that, realise that we live in a modern age and there are certain things we need to be doing in order to counteract the negative impacts of western lifestyle, and to closer re-approximate the lifestyles of our traditional ancestors (more on that below).                                           

What food, drinks and other important regimens make up your typical day?

First thing in the morning it’s about 500mls of spring water and a micronized greens powder with minerals drink. That’s to wash out the acid wastes and toxins built up during the overnight detox; the greens powder is super good to re-alkalise and also good for fat-burning, immune building, digestive health etc etc. The minerals are in there because every body is short on minerals (more on that below).

Generally I try and wait a few hours before eating to increase that fasting time (intermittent fasting is another topic all together but I am an advocate for it). And I’ll either have some eggs with greens (cauli-broc rice or kale or spinach) or I’ll do a green smoothie or non-sweetened almond milk or something.

Lunch is pretty similar to breakfast – some sort of animal protein or plant-protein (nuts) with greens or a smoothie if I’m on the go.

Same with dinner – in the winter months we’ve been doing some really nice roast veggies but I stay away from things like pumpkin, zucchini, turnips, parsnips and white potatoes due to the sugar content – and they just don’t agree with me.

Every now and then I’ll have a bit of a lay day from the norm and eat raw chocolate or some raw cake and things like that – but I don’t think these foods should make up part of the regular diet.

Do you routinely supplement your diet? If so, what?

Yes, and supplementation is one of the primary principles I use when working with people. Look, in a perfect world we would be getting all of our nutrition from our food, and taking supplementation wouldn’t be necessary, but here is why its become essential for us to supplement in the modern world.

Soil demineralisation: unfortunately our agricultural soils (especially in Australia) are minerally deficient. That’s just a fact. Due to inappropriate damning of rivers (when rivers flood naturally they deposit sediment, minerals and trace elements, throughout the soil and replenish the land) we’re no longer seeing natural re-fertilisation of our soils anymore. Another way to achieve this is with tidal waves or volcanoes but the last time I checked Lofty seemed pretty solid and I’ve spent enough time in the water at West Beach to feel confident telling you that the tidal wave just ain’t coming. As humans, we require over 60 minerals and trace elements to function optimally and I would say that even healthy individuals eating organic food from a wide array of sources would be lucky to ingest 30 per day. So for me, mineral supplementation is paramount to success in any health journey.

Lack of probiotics in the diet and environmental factors that harm good bacteria: I talk a lot about fermented foods and how important probiotics are for good health. Unfortunately in this modern age we are bombarded by things which compromise our good bacteria; wifi, radiation, stress, sugar, alcohol and more, and sadly many people didn’t receive a natural inoculation of good bacteria at birth. So it’s very important to have probiotics either in your diet, or in supplement form. The trouble with fermented foods, though, is that often people have compromised gut health, normally a condition called leaky gut or translocation, where macro molecules of food move through into the blood stream and confuse the body (we need micro particles of food in the bloodstream – think vitamin C, small peptide chains, EFAs etc). So when someone introduces some fermented foods into the diet, instead of being healthy and healing some of these species of bacteria can actually move into the bloodstream and go to places of the body they’re not supposed to be! So you need to be strategic when it comes to incorporating probiotics into the diet. Initially its better to heal the gut with certain supplements or foods, and then supplement with certain strains of bacteria (strains which would naturally come from Mum at birth) to establish a healthy inner eco system. THEN we can begin to introduce fermented foods into the diet. But yes, probiotics should be in your life somewhere.

Toxicity in our environment: there aren’t many health experts talking about this but it’s a big issue. The average person is exposed to hundreds of potentially carcinogenic chemicals every morning before they even leave the house for work! We need to be conscious of this fact. There are dangerous, harmful chemicals in personal care, home care, dental care and in our foods, and these toxins are wreaking havoc on our health by creating unchecked oxidative damage. So not only do we need to avoid the avoidable toxins, we often need to supplement with antioxidants to oppose this issue. An antioxidant cocktail is best; a formula which includes water-soluble and fat-soluble antioxidants, and antioxidants which are different in size (so that they reach different parts of the body).

I have to emphasize that although this all sounds complicated, normally it only means taking about 3-4 supplements per day and personally, I’m more than happy to take these now, rather than take medications down the track.

What was your latest inspiring health read?

I’ve read hundreds of health books and amongst the numerous claims of ‘missing links’ and ‘burn fat’ and ‘build muscle’ and ‘improve sex’ and so forth, I think the best man out there is health researcher Phillip Day. I’ve also worked with David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis; both are really on point with all this health stuff. Donna Gates is pretty on it, too.

Oh but I forgot, my ebooks are pretty sweet, too 😉

Can you please share a favourite health and happiness tip?  

If you want something cheap, easy and fun to do for your health, bring the ocean into your life. You don’t have to start surfing (although, it’s the best…ever) but the healing power of the ocean is insanely cool. Those grey haired leather skinned oldies who swim all year round know what’s up 😉

And just be happy. Once you really get into this health stuff you become empowered to make the decision to be happy. Negativity bounces off you and the experience of life is all the more sweet when you’re feeling like a superhuman jedi every day J It is possible, trust me!

Oh, and decide what you want in life. Don’t just go through the motions because that’s what you’ve done before or its what someone else expects you to do. The only rules in life are the ones you set yourself. You can literally have anything you want; you just have to imagine it and hold to that image with a singleness of purpose J

Thanks for having me, and I hope to see you all soon!

 Thanks Kale!

You can follow Kale on facebook, instagram and check out his popular fermented foods eBook, classes and favourite health foods here.

Offering you inspiration and motivation for your Monday.

Love, health & happiness,



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