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Monday Motivator: Dr Ashlee Good

Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Dr Ashlee Good is helping the health of others through her work as an Osteopath, Health Coach and passionate blogger. Dr Ashlee is on a mission to inspire and empower women to take charge of their health, make choices that nourish the body and soul,  to help you look and feel amazing!

Meet Dr Ashlee…

Have you always been healthy and happy? Share your journey, which has landed you in the health industry…

I have always been relatively healthy, but on and off, and certainly through my early 20’s was more of a weekend party girl while I still kept fit. During a 5 month backpacking stint through Europe in 2011, I really started to notice how badly I was treating my body and started to feel it mentally. So I took myself off to a health retreat in the UK where I cleansed my body from the inside out and it changed me forever. When I arrived back in Australia, my job in Melbourne was no longer there, and an offer came up in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast so I made the move, and spent a lot of time on my own, which really allowed me to delve deep into this new health journey and my passion just grew.

I then started my blog as a way to reach out to more people than those I treated in the clinic, studied to be a health coach and my passion to show others the way to their best health just grows by the day. I now work part time as an Osteopath, and part time from home as a Health Coach and running a business with Nutritional Cleansing.

It’s been an ever evolving journey, I’ve met so many incredible people along the way, and I’m so grateful for where I am right now.

 Tell us about how you contribute to the health and happiness of others and/or our environment? 

As an Osteopath I help relieve musculoskeletal pain, and help manage ongoing symptoms, and advise on strength and rehabilitation. As a health coach I advise on nutrition diet and lifestyle, along with self-love work, meditation etc. And with the Cleansing I guide people through 30 day Cleanse Programs with lifestyle advice along the way too.

I just want to inspire people to be their best, and along the way show them that we can OWN our life, we can design it the way we want, it IS possible, no matter what you’re doing now or where you are at.

What do you believe is most important to nourish the body for optimal health and happiness? 

I believe self-love is at the core of all good health. Loving and accepting yourself, believing in yourself and respecting yourself enough to make choices that nourish you. Exercise is very important, and spending time to work out what works for your body diet wise because we are all so different and we all thrive off different foods and methods.

I always ask my clients ‘Are you where you want to be?’ If that is re health, finances, life, anything – and if not then let’s work together to get you where you want to be – because we were designed to function optimally, to bounce out of bed in the morning, to sleep through the night, to feel healthy, happy and like we are at our best. If you are feeling sluggish, stressed, frustrated, tired all the time, bloated, constipated – that’s not normal – things need to change.

What food, drinks and other important regimens make up your typical day?

  • Lemon in warm water first thing in the morning
  • At the moment I’m on a new fitness program which involves a lot of strength training so my breakfast is my favourite protein smoothie with added superfoods
  • Exercise daily – Either hit the gym for a weights session or run the track or soft sand at the beach
  • Lunch and Dinner is always organic veggies, salads and a source of protein
  • Meditation – every single day, if that means I have to get up at 4.45am to do it before the gym, I will. Things are always a lot more balanced in my life when I prioritise meditation.

Do you routinely supplement your diet? If so, what?

  • Superfoods – I add to every meal – I always ask myself how can I add value to this? So adding things like chia seeds, goji berries, avocado, kale, coconut, berries, I’m an absolute superfood nut
  • I take daily Super Greens – with Chlorella, Wheatgrass, Barley Grass and Spirulina
  • I also take my daily Isagenix Ionix which is full of brilliant herbs 

What was your latest inspiring health read?

I LOVE reading, and at the moment I’m very into my self-development books, I just finished The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari and now reading Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. So I guess they are healthy for the soul J Otherwise the latest health read I devoured in a day was my lovely friend Jess Ainscough’s Make Peace with Your Plate – it’s a wonderful read.

Share with us a favourite health and happiness tip…  

Do what you love. Follow your heart. Find what lights you up. And create your life around that.

Thanks Ashlee 🙂

You can follow Ashlee on facebook, instagram and across at  her Goodbeing blog.

Offering you inspiration & motivation for your Monday.

Love, health & happiness,



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