Embrace Your Inner Child

Yesterday I could not keep the smile off of my face, giggling to myself (and with work colleagues) about my little morning incident 😉

For those of you who missed it, after enjoying a shower post hot yoga class, I proceeded to change into my work clothes… only to realise I had left my skirt at home. Oh S**t! For those of you who have been to a hot yoga class appreciate the fact that wearing my sweaty shorts was not an option. So off to work it was (with a wet towel wrapped around me) to start my first consultation of the day (slightly awkward to say the least).

Luckily my friend saved the day and delivered me a skirt to work, so the drama didn’t last too long. Phew!

As I reflected on this incident over the day (with more smirking involved), I realised how easily life gets too serious. I am, along with many others guilty of going through the day stressed abut meeting deadlines, finishing jobs , paying bills, worrying about what we have to do tomorrow, to only reach lights out and realise that laughing wasn’t on the days menu.

My new goal:

To embrace my inner child.

Here are few of my favourite ways to forget about the seriousness of life:

Laugh out loud!

Yes, you see it in texts and emails, but do you really laugh out loud? Go on, enjoy a chuckle over the joke of the day, or that silly email your friend just sent you. See a comedy flick or better yet, share a funny story (like mine) with your friends and family and laugh out loud together. Laughter really is the best medicine!

Colouring in!


I am a typical introvert who loves my own company, so I actually find good old colouring in very therapeutic. It helps me feel calm, allowing me to daydream and forget about the worries of the day.  While recently travelling the US, I made a diary of our journey, where I drew and coloured in  a picture from the main attraction of the day. I’m no artist, so it actually made the activity even funnier to laugh about my daily child-like creations.


trampolining fun

How long since you jumped on a trampoline? Not only is trampolining making a big come back for the circulation boosting effects, it is loads of fun! This is my favourite activity with my gorgeous neices. It certainly gives you a workout and is another activity which can help you drift away from the your daily deadlines.

 Play Outside!

up river

I challenge you to turn off the TV, laptop, phone and play outdoors.

I love the weekends we go camping up the river with family. Its a perfect way to get away from the distractions of technology and have a fun time interacting with each other over a game of cards, fishing, catching marron and swimming (when it warm enough). Visits to the beach, or picnics and walks in the botanical gardens are perfect too. Being around water, sand and plants exposes up to beneficial ‘negative ions’ which help to create feelings of well-being.

Where’s your inner child?

Go on, take your shoes off and get those feet wet!  Help create more carefree moments by embracing your inner child.

What puts a smile on your face?

Love, health & happiness,




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  • Embrace Your Inner Child

    When life gets a bit too serious, why not take a step back & embrace your inner child, you might be surprised how good it feels! Yesterday I could not keep the smile off of my face, giggling to myself (and with work colleagues) about my little morning incident!
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