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A Day On My Plate (& In My Glass)

One of the most common questions I’m asked as a Naturopath & Nutritionist is what I include in my diet over the day. The truth is, as I tune into my body and understand what foods truely nourish me, those I chose to fuel my body with have varied greatly over the years.

What I eat and drink will vary depending on my work location, activity levels, the time I am in my cycle and the current season. Remembering that everyone is individual and what works for me will not necessarily work for you, you can read on to gain an insight into the foods and drinks that regularly feature on my plate… and glass.


You all know I’m a gut health fanatic, so I chose to include fermented foods in my daily diet to help support my gut bacteria. First up I’ll either start my day with warm water with a squeeze of lemon or 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar and follow it up with a swig of a high strength homemade coconut water kefir. On the weekends, when there is more time, the lemon water will be replaced with a veggie juice, like this one.

Intermittently over the past couple of years, I’ve been incorporating bulletproof coffee into my morning regimen. I’m one to feel hungry first thing and I find the fats help to stabilise my hunger and energy over the days I incorporate it into my morning regimen. I personally add 1 tbsp MCT oil, 1 tbsp grass fed organic ghee or butter, 1 tsp organic gelatin into the black coffee and blend for 20 seconds. I’ll sprinkle on top true cinnamon powder, to further support my blood sugar levels. When I’m out and about for meetings, I’ll skip the bulletproof (so I don’t overdo my caffeine consumption) and instead opt for an almond milk latte from cafes which use my approved milk options.

I do enjoy to chew on something as well, so the night before I will make a little chia pudding from a homemade high strength coconut yoghurt, a dash of coconut kefir, 1 tbsp chia seeds and a small handful of seasonal fruit (blueberries have been amazing throughout the summer). I’ll take this with me into clinic and enjoy midmorning, between patients.

The days I work from home, I opt for a mid morning cooked brunch of sautéed seasonal veg and fried eggs or stir-fried sardines. Even better is when I have loads of savoury leftovers that I can heat up from the night before, such as my favourite slow cooked meals (seer recipe below). In all my cooking, I incorporate either homemade bone broth, or in times when I have forgotten to defrost some I’ll opt for organic dehydrated bone broth powder.

To stay hydrated, throughout the day I’ll drink filtered rain water and herbal teas.


Here is where preparation is key! I will always take my dinner left overs for my lunch (in a glass container of course). At dinner I will keep aside a small portion of the cooked protein (eggs, fish, meat or chicken) and throw it together with some raw organic seasonal salad greens (either from my garden or The Good Box Organics). Fat sources are a must to help keep me satiated, so I’ll add some avocado and olives and just before I enjoy the meal, I’ll go crazy with the olive oil and lemon juice for a dressing. Sauerkraut also has a regular appearance in my lunchtime salad.

Now that it’s heading into the cooler months of the year, I’ll start to use my thermos container, which keeps meats warm over the morning. Salad will be therefore kept in a seperate glass container, as no one likes soggy lettuce!

If I get hungry mid arvo, I’ll snack on a green smoothie (yes, it’s still important to ‘chew’ your smoothies), dip or pate`and veggies, a small handful of nuts, or I keep these ones as a back up if I forget my lunch and wind up starving at work.


As I get dinner ready, I’ll enjoy a glass of warmed bone broth, which is loaded minerals and amino acids for gut healing. More on this topic can be found in the 2017 Gut Healing Summit.

With my history of adrenal gland fatigue, I find I thrive off of animal protein, so dinner will usually include a small portion of either local caught fish (my favourite is Coorong Mullet), grass fed & hormone free beef, organic chicken, or eggs from our own backyard chickens. Occasionally some organic beef, chicken or lamb liver will also be grated into the dinner dish. Cooking oils will vary depending on the dish, but will only ever be stable fats such as coconut oil, macadamia oil, ghee, butter or animal fat. I’m a huge fan of slow cooking gelatinous cuts of meat-on-the-bone (such as beef ribs, osso bucco, lamb shanks, chicken legs, whole chicken), as these supply healing fats and amino acids for you guessed it… gut healing, plus supplying building blocks for hormone synthesis in your body.

Here is an example of a super simple slow cooked meal:

Kasey’s Beef Ribs

What you’ll need:

  • 4 beef ribs, seared on all sides
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • pumpkin, peeled and chopped into large chunks
  • 2 celery stalks, chopped
  • fresh or dried thyme, oregano, rosemary
  • 2 tbsp tomato paste (optional)
  • salt, pepper and turmeric, to season
  • bone broth, enough to cover

What to do:

  • Add all ingredients into a slow cooker, or casserole dish (with a lid) and cook on low, or 150 degrees C for at least 7 hours (until meat falls off the bone)
  • Serve with steamed greens and fermented veg 

I like to keep a balance of raw and cooked foods in my diet, so dinner will also include either steamed or stir-fried seasonal greens, with a small portion of baked, steamed or slow cooked pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato and on the odd occasion, white potato- all organic of course. Very occasionally I’ll have some pre-soaked quinoa, buckwheat, legumes or rice along with dinner.  For hormone health, most women do better including some night time carbs, such as these starchier veg options. Sauerkraut pops up again here, around about 1-2 tbsp, as does 1-2 tsp sour cream (from raw cream), to top off my dinner dish.

I’m such as rebel, as not only do I regularly include saturated fat in my diet, I also break the low salt rule. I will leave processed, bleached sodium chloride rich salts on the shelf and instead opt for mineral rich himalayan, celtic or peruvian pink salt, which is added to all meals. For the thyroid nourishing mineral, iodine (which is missing from these listed salts), I will incorporate seaweeds into my diet, such as the use of dulse flakes in bone broth, or sprinkled over meals. Another easy option is using seaweed salt– to get the benefit of both in the one handy food item 🙂

An hour or 2 after dinner, I’ll have some veg out time over a cup of herbal tea and if I get a bit peckish, I’ll have a dollop of homemade coconut yoghurt with a small handful of grated apple (or other seasonal fruit) and a tsp of nut butter. Depending on the season, I’ll enjoy occasional desserts from my Summer Detox, such as a thin slice of my (healthy) fat loaded raw cheesecake. For a choccie fix, I’ll appreciate the rich cacao taste of these 100% cacao melts, or Lindt 90% dark chocolate- but I’m talking 1 square, tops. In the cooler months, I’ll indulge in the Healthy Hot Chocolate recipe found in my Winter Warmers recipe eBook.

With Easter approaching, I’ll be making some of my yummy guilt free Easter treats. Yep, you can get them here.

To end the day, I’ll have another swig of homemade coconut kefir to support my microbiome as I sleep.

 Thats Me, You’re You

I’ve taken years to develop a diet that truely nourishes me. I don’t label it, as over time it will be ever evolving, depending on the seasons, my physical demands and any symptoms or conditions that may develop.

Consider some of my practises, but also take the time to learn about your potential factors such as individual hormone imbalances outlined in my book Balanced, The Natural Way To Healthy Hormones, or delve deeper into your gut health journey by listening to the Gut Healing Summit.

Tune into your body, listen to the feedback you are getting after eating or drinking certain foods and find what works for you. I’d love to hear about your food journey do far. Let me know in the comments below!

Love, health & happiness,


ps. If you’re confused about what to have for brekkie then stay tuned, as a Brekkie Recipe eBook is coming your way very soon 😀



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  1. Hannah Willsmore

    April 12, 2017 at 9:43 pm

    Great read Kasey! I’m always fascinated with hearing peoples routines and how they eat to nourish their body. I definitely need to get back onto the Bulletproof coffee in the morning too!


  2. Juliet

    April 13, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    Enjoyed reading this – thanks Kasey, I love 2 squares of Lindt at night 😉 xxx


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