Kasey is a qualified naturopath who is passionate about helping people reach and maintain their health and happiness potential. She runs a busy Naturopath clinic based in Adelaide, South Australia, with patients in the hundreds who are successfully working towards their health goals with her support.

How To Stay Grounded Amongst The Christmas Chaos: Q&A With Steph Bartlett

This time of year naturally creates a large do-to list, end-less shopping and many social outings. With that comes heightened stress levels, lower tolerance levels, too many wines and an increased sugar load. But this doesn't have to be your December destiny! Good new is I've called upon someone special to help share the gift of staying grounded this silly season. Meet Steph Bartlett.
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How To Live Like A Hunter-Gatherer

I realise there may be difficulties in digging up your tubers and chasing down the nearest wild animal for your dinner feast, but I feel we can make some realistic but effective developments to our day to day life, to mimic the simple, joyful lives of a hunter gatherer. Read on for my the top 3 lessons we can learn from these wise, warming and robust people.