Get to know me

Hi there 🙂

I’m Kasey, an Adelaide based Naturopath, Nutritionist, Writer & Speaker.

I love to spread the healthy word.  My aim is to create loads of health and happiness in your world, by providing you with exciting health information, so you can experience balanced hormones, thriving digestion and vibrant energy levels!



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Kasey has made such an impact on my family’s health and wellness over the last two years. Highly, highly recommend!

Michael Gaffney, Adelaide

Hi Kasey, I just wanted to say WOW! I am on day 5 of the 21 day detox and I cannot get over how delicious the food is! Such great recipe ideas to keep going on with after the 3 weeks and so much variety! This does not feel like a detox it feels like a treat. Thank you for the support an inspiration xx

Anna Rinaldi, Adelaide

I tried your warm curry chicken salad for tea tonight – delish! Even the man of the house wooshed it down!

Sophie Glazbrook, York Peninsula 

Thank you so much Kasey- the 21 day detox has been an invaluable investment for my health. I have just finished the detox program and can’t believe how good I feel. My hair & skin look better, I have heaps more energy and I basically just feel wonderful. And as an added bonus I lost a few kilos! Woo hoo!! You made it so easy to do with your daily planner and recipes. Would heartily recommend anyone to try it!

Stacey, Adelaide

I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with the way things are now going… My skin has improved dramatically already. After 3 years of suffering and unable to get any answers from doctors and dermatologists it’s so great to finally be getting somewhere. Thank you!

Kate Walker, Adelaide

…I am feeling so much better than a few weeks ago… I’m so excited how my health is improving every day and how much it has changed …no more arthritic pain and my energy/motivation levels I can see are slowly going up “yay” with a 3yr old that is a BIG help.

Jovana Forgione, Adelaide

I have been following you for quite a while now with great interest. I really have a lot of admiration and respect for  what you do  and it always makes me happy to see and hear about your acheivements and commitment to good nutrition which leads to health and happiness.

Gisele Wright, Kangaroo Island


Want to hear my story?

I haven’t always been a bright, happy and healthy gal.

Growing up on a cattle property on beautiful Kangaroo Island, my childhood was filled with the company of animals, open spaces and fresh air. I couldn’t have asked for a better upbringing. As I grew into my teens however, the lifestyle I led quickly turned into the typical party girl scene.

I was only young, but was filling my body with a toxic cocktail of binge drinking, refined carbohydrates, synthetic hormones (from the oral contraceptive pill) and to top it off, sleep deprivation. It was only a matter of time before my body would show me signs of poor health.

I started to develop signs of a chronic candida (fungal) condition. Thrush infections were constant and my chronic candida infection had caused food intolerance’s, unhealthy bowel habits and skin breakouts. I was also unfit and not an ideal weight.

Many emotional stressors (that were predominantly bottled up inside) throughout my late teens and early 20′s contributed to my symptoms. It was a big vicious cycle and I was not on the road to a healthy and happy future.

Not always healthy

It wasn’t until I began my Naturopathy and Nutrition studies, that I started to realise the damage I was doing to my body. The pieces of my health puzzle came together! I researched the underlying causes of my presenting heath challenges and discovered how important Nutritional medicine was for my healing journey. This important support gave me the power to overcome my health conditions and genuinely feel healthy and happy again.

Using my knowledge, experience and understanding, I now have the privilege of helping many others overcome their health challenges and reach their personal health and happiness potential. I run a busy Naturopath clinic based in Adelaide, South Australia, with many patients who are successfully working towards their health goals with my support.

I use both nutritional and herbal medicine in my patients individualised treatment plans, however my main passion lies in dietary support. I believe Nutrition is such a fundamental part of reaching and maintaining true health. Great emphasis is placed on dietary support throughout all of my health projects.

I am very passionate about spreading the healthy message and have featured on both radio and television, including regular shows on Three-DRadio  and appearances on Today Tonight, The Wellness Guys, That Paleo ShowKale Brock Show and Radio Adelaide. I also regularly speak at health events, seminars, corporate talks and contribute health related articles to Nutrition RepublicSimply Organic and BONA Food Magazine.

Here I have accumulated my experience, knowledge and creativity to develop an online community filled with dietary and lifestyle recommendations, to support you on your path to gain health and happiness.

I offer my nutrition support through my Winter Warmers eBook,  21 Day Summer Detox eBook and my popular online health program, the Vibrant Woman Challenge! Otherwise, be inspired with simple, healthy recipes, blog posts and tips to create the best health for you and your loved ones.

Do you want to look and feel happy and healthy?

You can! And I am here to support you throughout your journey.

With love, health & happiness,